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Phoenix Life Sciences ("Phoenix Life") is an adaptive healthcare solutions company.

We provide a range of healthcare services to help governments implement diabetes solutions and national healthcare programs. 

We partner and produce Plant Based Pharmaceuticals to safely and affordably treat diabetes, pain, cancer, autoimmune diseases and anxiety and other conditions.

If you are a Government Healthcare Agency, please access our support site.

If you are a patient, physician or trying to find the status of Phoenix Life Plant Based Pharmaceuticals for your location, please use our Patient Portal

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Phoenix Life is committed to delivering high quality healthcare. Combining Community Healthcare Clinics with affordable Plant Based Pharmaceutical products and ongoing research programs.

Working with national and international healthcare agencies in developing and least developed nations to provide safe and affordable access to medicines to target and treat diabetes, pain, cancer, autoimmune disease and anxiety, 

Many of Phoenix Life's products are being made available in an expanding range of countries. 

Currently Phoenix Life's key priority is the provision of Diabetes Management as part of its Healthcare Services Program and Approved Phoenix Metabolic rollout.

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Helping developing countries create healthcare systems

Phoenix Life is committed to delivering safe and affordable access to needed healthcare services. Our Healthcare Services Programs are designed to provide affordable solutions to manage diabetes and other non-communicable diseases (NCD).

By creating national networks of community healthcare clinics, recruiting, training and directing local staff in the management of diabetes and other diseases, while also providing access to pharmacy for approved products, Phoenix Life can provide a government, sponsor or insurer with an affordable, fixed price solution to deliver national healthcare services.

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Identifying those in need of care. Many diabetics don't know they need care.

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Delivering care where it's needed most. Villages, towns and cities.


Providing safe, secure and legal access to Phoenix's Leading Products.

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Committed to local education in health, nursing & nutrition.

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Phoenix Life is actively working to increase the access to needed programs around the world. While our core focus currently is around the Western Pacific, we look forward to expanding our services into the Americas and Africas.

If you are part of the local Ministry of Health or Healthcare Agency for your country, please visit our Create a Program section for more information on reducing your total cost of healthcare and increasing access to life saving healthcare services for your country and its people.

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Phoenix Life and its affiliates have developed a range of Plant Based Pharmaceuticals that are designed to target and treat specific diseases including diabetes,  autoimmune diseases, pain, sleep, certain types of cancer, neurological and psychological disorders.

Due to the complexities of international laws relating to pharmaceuticals, plant based supplements, novel foods, not all products are available in all countries and in some cases, state-to-state restrictions also exist. If you have a prescription from your doctor, are part of one of our national programs, or have access exemptions available, we would like to help you safely and legally access your medication.

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Designed for managing the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and its Complications.


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